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Ibrahim Haddad

Vice President of R&D
Mountain View, CA, USA
Ibrahim Haddad (Ph.D.) is Vice President of R&D and the Head of the Open Source Group at Samsung Research America. He is responsible for overseeing Samsung's open source strategy and execution, internal and external R&D collaborations, supporting M&A activities, and representing Samsung in various open source foundations. Haddad is known for his writing and speaking on topics ranging from legal compliance to using open source as a business strategy and an R&D tool to drive collaboration and innovation.His book "Open Source Compliance in the Enterprise" provides a practical guide for organizations on how to best use open source code in products in a legal and responsible way. His latest compliance e-book, "Open Source Audits in Merger and Acquisition Transactions", provides an overview and a practical guide to open source audits in merger and acquisition transactions, and offers guidelines to improve open source compliance preparedness. He is also the author of the Linux Foundation's guides on "Using Open Source" and "Improving Open Source Development Impact", and the co-author of "Starting an Open Source Project". In May 2018, Haddad published "Open Source AI: Projects, Insights and Trends", an e-book that examines 16 open source AI projects. Early in his career, Haddad co-authored two books on Red Hat Linux and Fedora, and was the Technical Editor for four other Linux related books.